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18-year-old cat does 128 mile walkabout — 8 Comments

  1. Dear Michele_ Thanks so much for this information *
    My birthplace is located in Prestwick,Ayrshire Scotland- a short train ride from Edinburgh.

  2. Thanks Michael_I am just assuming that a cat can suffer from dementia as senior citizens [humans] do. Does anyone know about this possibility occurring in cats or other animals ? Please submit your input on this subject.

    • Eva: Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland were the first to show physical changes in the brains of cats with suspected dementia. They believe that as many as 1 in 10 cats(aged 15+) could be suffering a form of dementia. Longer lifespans and an increasing number of cats living indoor only (less mental stimulation) were cited as the two main factors.


  3. Curious George may have dementia_after all he is very old. I couldn’t be happier that he is back home.George is one very lucky cat I think and very loved.
    Eva say’s

  4. What a story! I’m surprised that the cat wasn’t hurt. I didn’t know that Facebook had a “lost and found” page. I wonder how many people do.

    I do believe in micro-chipping as the best way to unite lost pets with guardians, in spite of some risks. I’d rather take that chance.

  5. I’ve read of several cats who travelled around 1,500 miles, but that was to reach their homes. It’s very unusual for a cat to wander such a great distance away from home.

    Perhaps curious George sneaked inside a delivery vehicle and that’s how he ended up so far away. Or could he be experiencing the beginnings of dementia and simply became lost and unable to find his way home?

    The vet who scanned George for a microchip would have been obliged to notify the owners and often they will take the pet into their custody until the owner can collect. (That’s what happened when my sister found a microchipped Bengal.)

    Glad there was a happy ending and hope that George won’t be quite so adventurous in future.

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