LA Animal Care & Control gives rescuers only 2 hours to commit to rescuing orphaned neonatal kittens

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control is giving rescuers only two hours to commit to rescuing orphaned neonatal kittens before putting the kittens to death. See infographic below for full statement from Nathan Winograd. Sadly, despite some good research I can’t find more and I can’t subscribe to Winograd’s website …

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Scandalous abuse of cats and dogs at The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank (TVBB)


I don’t know where to start this story as it is so big and distressing. It is yet another story of how humankind finds another way of abusing animals this time under the guise of doing something good namely providing blood to veterinary clinics. The blood comes from The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank (TVBB). A …

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Garages can collect pet food donations from the public to supply animal rescues

Pet food donations delivered to Stewart's Donnybrook automotive repair shop

This is an idea from Gary Stewart in Tyler, Texas who I believe owns and certainly manages Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive. He is in the news because he’s been insightful enough and generous enough to start and run a pet food collection program on behalf of a couple of local animal rescues in Henderson and …

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Rare fatal mountain lion attack El Dorado County 23rd March 2024

Fierce cougar

Fatal mountain lion (puma) attacks on people – often hikers in the beautiful American countryside – are very rare. But sometimes the cat is totally committed to the attack and cannot be scared off using the usual well-known techniques. This story is one such case. The sad story of a recent fatal mountain lion …

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Praising a dedicated female veterinarian who walked 3 miles through icy, snowy conditions to treat a very ill cat

Dr Nicole Martin

NEWS AND COMMENT: There is always a time to praise something really good in the cat world. Over the years I have criticised veterinarians but also praised them. My criticism for American veterinarians is nearly always over declawing and is therefore entirely justified 🤔. But in this instance, Dr. Nicole Martin of the Caldwell …

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Muzzled XL bully unable to defend herself when attacked by a cat on a walk

Nova and Casey

You may know that in the UK, American XL bully ownership is subject to Draconian restrictions including wearing a muzzle when in public and on a lead. It is also illegal to breed, sell, advertise gift and exchange or abandon or let an XL bully dog. The law has been in force since December …

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White Coat Waste Project accuse the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of brazenly lying to lawmakers on cat experiments

Letter to VA challenging them

The White Coat Waste Project (WCW) continue to relentlessly pursue the US Department of Veterans Affairs which has wasted American taxpayers’ money in the pursuit of animal cruelty by conducting painful experiments on cats. Through their efforts, they ended cruel cat experiments back in 2021 “and the enactment of bipartisan legislation defunding them” as …

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Abu Dhabi’s animal welfare laws should be used to punish those who abandoned 140 cats in the desert

Abu Dhabi animal shelter at al Falah

NEWS AND OPINION: There is a story circulating in the news media recently about 140 cats being dumped in a desert lot in the capital Abu Dhabi which is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). An interesting and worrying aspect of the story is that the cats were abandoned across the highway from …

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