Would a home visit have stopped this man from killing nine rescue cats and kittens?

Edmund Cunningham

Edmund Cunninghman of Middletown, Ohio, USA behaved perfectly normally when he attended New Beginnings Animal Rescue owned and run by Taylor Buttelwerth. Cunningham had made contact with Buttelwerth via Petfinder online. He claimed that he did not have any pets … please continue reading

Veterinarians clash with police over Croydon Cat Killer’s existence

Police solve case of Croydon cat killer NO

The mysterious Croydon cat killer (a person or persons) has been accused or killing and mutilating up to 400 cats for years. It all started in Croydon, SE London. Recently the Met Police (and other forces) threw resources at it … please continue reading

American on Facebook names Welsh teenage thugs who killed pet cat with their dog

Teenager who killed a cat with a dog in Wales. He can't be named in the UK.

They committed a disgusting crime of animal cruelty against someone’s pet cat. In the UK we can’t name them for legal reasons because they are teenagers. However, an American, outside of UK jurisdiction, has named them. In the age of … please continue reading

600 animals living, dead and dying left behind in Hurricane Florence in Robeson County

Phil spokesperson for K9 Rescue

Robeson County, NC: 600 animals living, dead and dying left behind in Hurricane Florence: “Dogs tied to trees, chickens floating in water, dead horses, animals struggling to survive and taking their last breaths of air,” – Phil K9 Global Rescue … please continue reading

Disturbing fake letter claiming City Council is conducting a feral cat eradication program

Fake Feral cat eradication program distributed to residents of Townsville, Australia.

Townsville, Australia: somebody has distributed a fake letter through the letterboxes of residents claiming that the city council is carrying out a feral cat baiting and trapping program on Bushland Beach. The letter states that because there is no room … please continue reading

Crazys Claws N Paws Animal Confiscation: Wayne County Animal Services Won’t Tell Me Why

Tammie with some of the rescued cats. Photo courtest Casey Mozingo

In a follow-up to Elisa’s article about the confiscation of cats and dogs from Crazys Claws N Paws by Wayne County Animal Services, I have twice telephoned Wayne County Animal Services to find out why they did it (click to … please continue reading