Social media celebrity biking couple Travis and Sigrid involved in RTA

Travis and Sigrid knocked off their bike by a passing motorcyclist at traffic lights in London traffic resulting in him being criticised on social media for, I guess, endangering his cat.

Temporarily, the celebrity of the biking couple Travis and Sigrid came crashing to the ground in a road traffic accident. It resulted in thousands of criticisms of Travis Nelson on social media which is the exact opposite to what he would like to see. You may have bumped into Travis and Sigrid on your …

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Brilliant white, deaf Norwegian Forest Cat loves long cycle rides in London

Travis and Sigi

This is a story with lessons! Lots of them. It concerns a proactive, positive man, Travis Nelson, who suffered from depression to suicidal levels in San Francisco, California after he lost his job but successfully turned his life around while providing an exciting life full of mental stimulation for his brilliant white, clear blue-eyed, …

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Apple AirTag to track your indoor/outdoor cat or dog

Apple AirTag cat collar

The Apple AirTag is a device which is designed to allow people to find lost objects such as keys. It is, as usual, a beautifully made product and it both links with your Apple smartphone through Bluetooth and also on a much wider scale through a network of other Apple smartphone users. This is …

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What should you do if you have feral cats at the bottom of your garden?

Feral cat who has been part socialised

I think the first thing that you should do is to make sure that they are feral cats. They might not be. You can normally tell by their behaviour (or ear tipping – see below). True feral cats are not socialised to people. They will be frightened and possibly defensively aggressive towards strangers as …

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Pictures of hiking and trekking cats

Hiking and trekking cat

Here are some pictures of hiking and trekking cats. For the adventurous cat owner in the lower age bracket, perhaps in their 20s, this sort of staycation road trip activity with their cat is proving to be more popular. It seems that some cat owners have taken the time and patience to train their …

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Letting your cat go outside responsibly

Bengal cat outdoors

For a lot of cat guardians, the choice as to whether you let your cat go outside or keep them inside all the time is binary. You let them out or you don’t. However, there is a third way which is to let your cat go outside in a responsible manner. I know that …

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