The most vulnerable time for a domestic cat is when their owner is away on holiday

Nema Benati and here Chinchilla Persian, Bartolo, who was lost while Nema was on holiday and Bartolo was with family

This is a little note about the vulnerability of domestic cats when their owner goes away on holiday. A cat detective, Said Beid, in Italy who is currently searching for a chinchilla Persian who lives with a social media influencer, Nima Benati, said that he is busiest when cat owners go away on holiday …

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Does a pet microchip prove legal ownership?

Bob the cat is all over the news!

The details on a microchip inserted into a cat or dog do not prove unquestionably that the person stated in those details is the legal owner of the dog or cat concerned. Although, the details provide good evidence that the owner is as stated in the microchip details. To stress, though, they are not …

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Pet cats missing after homeless encampment bulldozed in San Jose, California

Clearing out the San Jose encampment

NEWS AND VIEWS – SAN JOSE, UNITED STATES: Nathan Winograd has told me about a news item which is concerning to animal advocates. The NBC video covers it nicely. And the video mentions the problem with disappearing cats. Nathan Winograd summarises it nicely too: The recent sweep of a homeless encampment in San Jose …

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Likely reason why well-cared for domestic cats leave the security of their home

Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense tells us that surveys of domestic cat ownership in the UK confirm that many stray cats have got ‘lost’ (probably temporarily) having left a home in which they were cared for properly. They lived in nice homes with a good owner. This can happen in about …

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Feeding your cat well should reduce the area over which they patrol

Cat feeding

Indoor/outdoor cats do not need to patrol their territory in order to find food when they are well fed. But domestic cats still, instinctively, patrol their ‘home range’ (the area they call home). Domestic cats are attached to their territory as much as they are attached to their human caregiver. It’s about habits and …

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Here’s why micro-chipping your cat does not always get them back when found

Fred and Gino

Micro-chipping your cat is considered to be the default situation in developed countries in 2023. It’s a necessity. It’ll become a legal obligation in the UK. That’s all well and good. But micro-chipping doesn’t always end with the happy reunion of lost cat and owner even when the cat has been found. Fred’s story …

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K9 JETS remove the worry of flying with your dog or cat


A dog reluctantly boards a plane during ‘the inaugural flight of K9 Jets, a private jet charter company…founded in response to both a growing desire among pet owners to travel with their animals and mounting frustration at the increasingly challenging process of flying with them. On standard commercial airlines like Delta, United, and others, …

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