NC cat finds its way home after owner relocated

This is the story of a North Carolina cat who found her way back to her owner despite the fact the owner was living at a new residence. Mayhem, an 18-month-old male cat, was given to a couple living on a nearby farm by Rutherfordton resident Jill Roberson. Jill was relocating to a new home on a busy street, and didn’t want to put Mayhem in danger.

cat find his way to new home

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Jill was sitting on her porch about three weeks after moving into her new residence when she heard a cat meowing. At first she didn’t see Mayhem, but her former cat came running when she went over to a fence and called him. Other than being dirty and afraid, Mayhem was in good condition. Jill describes the experience

“I walked over to the fence and called to him because I couldn’t see anything, and he come bounding under the fence and I have been in shock ever since. It just confirms that pets have feelings. We loved him, but we didn’t realize he loved us that much, that he would track us down.”

Jill contacted the family who had taken Mayhem via Facebook. The couple lives six miles from the new home, and told her the cat had gone missing a few days before Jill spotted him. There was no doubt on this being her cat, because he had some quirky habits that were his alone. Habits Jill had witnessed for the past year and a half. What makes this story special is that Mayhem had never been to Jill’s new home. Somehow the cat managed to travel six miles to a place he’d never lived yet somehow knew he was going to his true home.

Mayhem cat who found his former owner who had moved

While there are reports making the news every day where cats and dogs find their way home over great distances, Mayhem is special. Veterinarian Kimberly Lednum of Rutherford Veterinary Hospital said cats have acute vision, a good sense of smell and can find their way home if lost. But Mayhem has defied all odds in reuniting with the family he loves.

Jill says Mayhem has decided to be a house cat now, and rarely asks to go outside. Hopefully she’ll keep him inside, where he’ll be safe from traffic and other dangers. Have any of you ever had a cat return home after being lost? I know there are a lot of cats lost at the mobile vet clinics in my area. Many times the cat is found after information is posted on social media. To have Mayhem show up at a home he’s never been to is nothing short of a miracle.



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10 thoughts on “NC cat finds its way home after owner relocated”

  1. Cats are indeed amazing and I’m so glad she has decided to keep him. His story is a slap in the face to all those ignorants who say cats don’t have feelings; they don’t love you, they just use you for food well ha! to you this story proves you to be so wrong!

  2. Cats have what is known as Psi trailing. They can pick out a scent and find their way home; even miles and miles away..

  3. It’s believed in my area that unless you take a cat across a body of water it can find its way back home. But to find an owner at a place its never been makes me believe the cat is psychic.

  4. I am not certain, but this might be the 1st case of a cat finding his way back to his owner or in this case former owner who had moved a significant distance to a new home. Obviously, this cat had never seen this place before and I presume also that he had no idea where she had gone. It is very hard to understand how he managed to track down his human caretaker. Perhaps we have not been given the entire story.

    1. Cats are psychic. Mayhem was following his owner’s heart. The pulse beat louder the closer he got to the person he loved.

      1. Not the first, my mom’s cat Midnight went missing for 6 months during which time we moved about 4-5 miles away. Sure enough after settling in to the new house a few weeks along trotted Midnight. End the end he never wandered off again and lived to the ripe old age of 22.

        1. Thank you for telling me that this is not the 1st case of this kind. I suspected it wasn’t because cats are very good at getting back home and finding their way around. It is believed that the domestic cat navigates by reference to the Earth’s magnetic field. Cats have some wonderful skills which a lot of people are unaware of. Thanks for sharing.

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