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Cat Breed Standards Have Changed — 4 Comments

  1. What? “This is revelationary because, today, the breed standards are important cat fancy documents, which ensure that the cat breeds look different.”

    Because of the Cat Fanciers, you are writing about such standards, that we on your website really are not that hotly concerned with? [speaking for myself, of course] Thank you, Michael, for bringing this to the forefront. When you said that it might be 3013, before they get it, I don’t know… hopefully, sooner. Sooner.

  2. You are both SO right! No animal should be stuck living in a shelter ever! The ONLY benefit to living in a shelter is that they are fed, something, not well or sufficiently! I’m not even sure if they get ALL of the proper shots.

  3. I agree however I believe money and ego are not something that will ever be easily toppled or even toppled at all. There is too much of both invested in the ‘industry’ (I won’t say hobby – therein lies the point). It’s a shame because I find the more traditional cats look nicer. The modern cat breeds are an aquired taste but they shouldn’t be – they should just look like normal cats when you first look at them, and not like slightly freakish cat prototypes. It’s hard not to pick on the whole subject of breeding.

    I know Ruth will agree with me when I say that until the beautiful cats in shelters throughout the world are living free and normal lives I don’t believe there is a place for producing more. Furthermore to produce unhealthy and extreme looking cats in some sort of experimental kind of way is just completely morally reprehensible.

    • I know I have a friend and supporter in you, Marc. I was intrigued to find this general standard from 1903, which of course is common sense really. There are some fine differences between natural breeds. Breeders should stick to those differences and as you say should stop until breeding cat be justified (if ever).

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