Which cat breed should a first-time owner pick?

Havana Brown 'Cocoa' reclining by Helmi Flick

People ask “Which cat breed is best for first time owners?” You’ll see a lot of answers on the internet with long lists of many breeds all being suitable for first-time buyers which tells you that there is little difference between the breeds on this criterion according to these authors. So what does a …

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Beware of superlatives in relation to the cat breeds

Describing the cat breeds in terms of superlatives is often misleading

‘Superlatives’ in the context of the cat breeds are adjectives describing the: You see superlatives in respect of the cat breeds a lot because they interest people who are thinking of adopting a purebred cat. Buyers/adopters are researching the cat breeds and they want guidance. So, the website owners ask their authors to come …

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Kurilian Bobtail (information verified by breeders)

Kurilian bobtail

Above: Photograph of TAIGA © Helmi Flick Introduction The Kurilian Bobtail (Kurilian, Curilsk Bobtailis, Kuril Bobtail) is a “natural” cat and a “mutated” cat. The breed is little-known in the West but is the 3rd most popular breed in Russia, where there are about 40 catteries – see three excellent Russian bred Kurilian Bobtail …

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Notes on the personalities of cats of various cat breeds

Cat breed personality as per a study

There have been various studies on the personalities of cats of a number of cat breeds. It’s an interesting topic. I’ve always thought that it is challenging to state that all members of a cat breed have a certain personality. You can’t say that because individual cats have their own personality which modifies any …

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The reason why it is difficult for an app to identify a cat breed correctly

App to identify cat breeds

You’ll probably find more than one app online which you can download to your smart phone (cell phone) which claims to identify cat breeds from a photograph. The picture shows a screenshot from one which is available on Google Play and it’s called Cat Scanner: Breed Recognition. It has a 4.2-star review with 1 …

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Best and worst cat breeds on 10 characteristics as the British Shorthair comes out on top (Infographic)

Blue British Shorthair at a cat show

Well, this is an infographic showing the best and worst cat breeds with respect to 10 different characteristics. I think people who are considering adopting a purebred, pedigree cat will find it interesting. The infographic is entirely based on one study: Breed differences of heritable behaviour traits in cats. It was conducted by Milla …

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Why does the CFA list 45 cat breeds while TICA lists 73?

CFA versus TICA on cat breed acceptance

As stated in the title, at November 2023, the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) accept and register 45 cat breeds while the other North American premier cat association, The International Cat Association (TICA) accept and register 73 cat breeds. Why the difference? Firstly, I will list the differences. The first list below is of the …

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Ragdoll breed standard – an illustrated summary

Ragdoll by Tetsu

I won’t try and simply duplicate the breed standard of a cat association – no point. The first thing I have done is to include one of Helmi Flick’s fabulous photographs. I really like discussions about breed standards when there is an image of the breed in question in front of me. It is …

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