BO chemical in humans - thioalcohol

BO chemical in humans. Image: PoC.

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The chemical that causes body odour in humans is thioalcohol. This chemical is produced by an enzyme in Staphylococcus hominis, a bacteria, which is on the skin of humans. The chemical process turns odourless sweat into body odour sweat which has plagued humankind for eons. Even the Ancient Egyptians found ways to disguise body odour and nothing has changed since. But now it will, because scientists have discovered the process which causes body odour. They believe that they can stop the process taking place by latching a molecule onto the enzyme preventing it from working. That’s the plan. Don’t hold your breath but perhaps in a years time you won’t need to pop out to get some more deodorant or perfume. Incidentally, I don’t think that perfume is great for domestic cats. They love your scent the way it is and some of the chemicals that people put on their skin can be toxic to cats because they can ingest it one way or the other. This should be borne in mind. Sometimes people don’t realise this. They don’t realise that they are poisoning their cat.