Oklahoman kitten serial killer sentenced to 12 years in prison

Oklahoman kitten serial killer sentenced to 12 years in prison.

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is not hot of the press cat news because I’ve been slow to pick up on it but it needs reporting because it is exceptionally rare for judges to hand down a severe punishment to criminals who abuse and kill cats and kittens. And that statement applies to anywhere in …

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Scarlet Blake’s crimes are a paradigm example of film causing violence?

Is the Scarlet Blake crime story a paradigm case of film causing violence?

A lot has been said in the news media about Scarlet Blake’s violent crimes against a cat and a man. The former was torture and killing and the latter was murder resulting in a 24-year prison sentence without parole and two and four-month prison sentences to run concurrently for the criminal damage and animal …

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Scarlet Blake sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for her torture and killing of a cat

Scarlet Blake in prison

News media reports that the judge at Scarlet Blake’s sentencing trial has imposed concurrent two and four-month sentences relating to the cat killing. She received a 24-year prison sentence for killing a man without parole. It’s not clear to me why the sentencing for the cat killing is in two parts. Perhaps it relates …

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Scarlet Blake has cat microchip in her chest and identified as a cat despite killing one brutally

Scarlet Blake police mugshot

NEWS AND OPINION: Scarlet Blake had a cat microchip inserted in her chest and identified as a feline. A lot has been written about Scarlet Blake recently particularly by the Mail Online. A lot of rather ugly details have emerged. She’s recently been found guilty at a UK criminal trial for her murder of …

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Video of alleged cat torturer and man murderer walking the streets looking for a victim

Prosecution at Scarlet Blake's murder trial claim this is CCTV footage released by Thames Valley police of her walking the streets looking for a 'victim'. Human or cat or both?

You may have heard about Scarlet Blake who is currently the defendant in a murder trial in the UK for the killing of Jorge Martin Carreno in Oxford. The man was allegedly chosen at random as she had no connection with him. And also, for animal cruelty in the alleged torture and killing of …

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A kind old lady feeding her neighbour’s cat is not attempted theft, is it?

A kind old lady feeding their neighbour's cat is not attempted theft is it?

You may know (the answer to the question in the title) and I recently wrote about the UK government introducing the crime of pet theft. ‘Ordinary theft’ under the Theft Act 1968 covers pet theft but it doesn’t do justice to companion animal theft because of the emotional distress caused to both companion animal …

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