It is legal in Britain to swing piglets against a concrete wall

Piglets are being abused on British farms

I mean this news story beggars belief for me. It makes me very angry. It is about a failure of animal welfare generally and concerns a story that Tesco has suspended a pig farmer because the piglets were raised in abysmal conditions. Some secret video footage emerged showing far workers at Cross Farm in …

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31 US states allow people to smash car windows to save a pet in hot weather

US states allowing ‘reasonable force’ to save an animal cooking in a hot vehicle

I am told that a ‘heat dome’ has decided to site on top of the United States of America which potentially jeopardises life and limb for people and pets. Heat domes can cause extreme, freakish temperatures. Of particular concern are pets left in the back of cars with windows closed and no means to …

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Geelong ramps up sunset cat curfew to 24-hour confinement

Cat confinement

I’m looking at the minutes of a council meeting for the City of Greater Geelong dated 27 February 2024. It’s a meeting in which the council members discussed the ramping up of a cat curfew order enacted on 1 July 2009 two a full-blown cat containment order which will come into effect on 1 …

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For TNR to operate there can’t be a law that forbids feeding feral cats

TNR work

TNR – trap-neuter-release is a well-versed aspect of feral cat control. It is conducted all over the US and many other countries. The TNR programs are run by happy and committed volunteers for which they deserve the praise of the communities in which they live. Feeding feral cats is part and parcel of TNR …

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Holidaymakers should protest against Cyprus’s animal cruelty by not visiting

Too many feral cats in Cyprus and far too much animal cruelty of various kinds including the poisoning of kittens, cats and dogs

I’ve just visited a holiday forum on the Internet. One resident said that if you are making your first visit to Cyprus “you should be warned that animal cruelty is prevalent here”. They said that it was the “one thing I hate most about living in Cyprus after 10+ years and it doesn’t get …

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Save rescue animals’ lives. Email California State Assembly Committee urgently. April 2024.

Writing an email to California's Assembly Committee lobbying for AB2265!

This is a cross post to help publicise it. America’s foremost animal rescue advocate, Nathan Winograd, is campaigning to enact a piece of legislation passing through California’s legislature at the moment which would save the lives of rescue animals in California. It’s very important. It’s a piece of legislation which makes common sense. It’s …

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