Poland’s animal shelters insist adopters keep their cats inside full-time and neighbours spy on them to make sure they do!

In Poland shelter adopted cats must be kept indoors

I was at the barbers today to have what hair I have left trimmed 🙂 . As usual for the UK, the hairdresser was Polish (sometimes they are Albanian or Hungarian). And she was a woman. Most Polish hairdressers in the UK are women it seems. They are all good hairdressers. But we never …

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Factors influencing the length of stay (LOS) of cats at shelters

LOS at animal shelters

Although there are many ways to reduce the length of stay (LOS) of cats at shelters, in this article I look at some information from studies with the goal of reducing LOS. In the first study they found that the average LOS was 61.2 days for both cats and kittens combined that was partly …

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Animal shelters insisting that two cats are adopted together can extend their stay at the shelter by 185%

Woman returns to adopt 16-year-old Max (1)

I believe that the results of this study published in January 1, 2023, on the Cambridge University Press website are common sense and I also believe that the results shouldn’t deter animal shelters from insisting that two cats are adopted together when appropriate. RELATED: Woman who adopted 11-year-old cat returns to shelter to adopt …

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Facts about the health and behaviour of cats and dogs adopted from 3 animal shelters in America

Emma Chamberlain and her new kitten Frankie just after adoption from a shelter. I like the screenshot as it has the flavour of a vlogger.

An interesting study about the health and behaviour of cats and dogs one week and one month after adoption from an animal shelter is on the Internet and it was conducted by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and published in 2008. I have summarised the long report. Here are some facts from this …

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What is the black cat personality?

Charlie my cat

I’ve been doing some research on black cat personality and it is striking to report that their personality is almost diametrically opposed to the diabolical image that they have thanks to their association with witches in the Middle Ages. I can refer to at least three good sources on black cat personality which I …

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A shelter cat should be allowed to choose their caregiver

Shelter cats

They say that if you are at an animal shelter looking to adopt a cat, you should let the cat choose you. The same applies to dogs. It sounds like a nice idea. It’s almost sentimental and a bit cute but is it practical? I think it is but it depends on how you …

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If you wanted to adopt a cat, would you adopt a really mean one to spare his life?

Wizard the mean shelter cat learned to love his new family

The question in the title is asking whether you would adopt a shelter cat slated for euthanasia because he had been evaluated by shelter staff as aggressive and unadoptable. This is what can happen to rescue cats when they behave badly at shelters. The staff sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for bad …

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