Animal shelter sent live animals to vet school for euthanasia and dissection

CAA animal shelter at Baton Rouge embroiled in scandalous accusations

“This is a huge issue… They’re not trash, they’re pets.” – Desiree Bender. Accusations of scandalous behavior have been made against an animal shelter in East Baton Rouge Parish causing turmoil. A spokeswoman, Ginger Guttner, for the Louisiana State University … please continue reading

Animal shelter accused of mislabelling many cats ‘feral’ and ‘fearful’

Rescue cats at shelter allegedly mislabelled

The San Bernadino City Animal Shelter has been accused of mislabelling many cats at their facility as either ‘fearful’ of ‘feral’. You can see in the photograph that two lines of yellow tape have been placed across all the cages … please continue reading