One Litter-Robot will serve four cats. Good for indoor, multi-cat homes.

Litter-Robot image from the Litter-Robot blog

One of Jackson Galaxy’s best-known tips is to ensure that there is a least one litter box per cat in a home where there are several cats (multi-cat home). In fact, he says that in multi-cat homes there should be on litter box per cat plus one extra. This allows access to a clean …

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Revealed AI decides on the best-selling or most popular cat toys in the US

Picture of a kitten playing with a colourful cat tease

I asked three AI chat bots for their recommendations on the best-selling or most popular cat toys in the US. Two of them, Gemini and ChatGPT were reticent to provide a positive answer while the third, Bing’s Copilot was far more positive and specified certain toys. I am unsure what the best answer is …

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UK pet insurance. More excluded treatments. Rising cost of cover.

Confused pet owner because the insurance policy is baffling

The Sunday Times has reported that in the UK, the range of treatments not covered by pet insurance policies is growing, as is the cost of the policies themselves. Consequently, self-insurance is becoming an appealing alternative. Additionally, pet owners face the added burden of rising veterinary service costs in the UK, prompting some to …

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Calming liquid drops for your pet made from 4 natural ingredients

Ingredients for this calming product for pets

I think this is a very useful product for cats and dogs. It’s a liquid made from four natural ingredients which you can drop into your cat or dog’s food and which is claimed to help them feel calm and relaxed. I’ve not tested it. I will leave that to you. If you do …

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