South Africa plans to close down captive lion industry

The captive lion industry. A fictional image created by AI.

The captive lion industry in South Africa (SA) includes: The captive lion industry of SA is highly exploitative and an abuse of lions which treats them worse than livestock. The only lions in SA should be protected in lion reserves/parks, which is the long-term goal. A complete transition then? A 246-page report has been …

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U.S. Wildlife Services tries to maintain a harmonious coexistence between people and wildlife

Harmonious existence between people and wildlife. This is fictional as reality is far less ideal in the 21st century. In fact, it is a bit of a failure very often.

Below is a poignant quote from a famous and seriously committed animal advocate, America’s Nathan Winograd, about the US Wildlife Services. Below the quote there is a list of US Wildlife Services goals. And below that there is my assessment. What is yours? I finish with some examples of conflicts between nature and human …

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Rare fatal mountain lion attack El Dorado County 23rd March 2024

Fierce cougar

Fatal mountain lion (puma) attacks on people – often hikers in the beautiful American countryside – are very rare. But sometimes the cat is totally committed to the attack and cannot be scared off using the usual well-known techniques. This story is one such case. The sad story of a recent fatal mountain lion …

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Comparing the leopard and jaguar in a table

Jaguar versus leopard appearance

Here is a table comparing the leopard and jaguar. Why compare these cat species? Because they are very similar in appearance and not infrequently mixed up by observers. They actually live in completely different places which is a little surprising considering they are hard to tell apart sometimes. RELATED: In Mexico, jaguars and pumas …

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Captive Pallas’s cats die of toxoplasmosis

Pallas's Cat

China’s first artificial bred Pallas’s cat dies: In a recent report from China, Sundaniang, the country’s first artificially bred Pallas’s cat (aka manul), died in Qinghai Park. Sundaniang was known for her contribution to scientific research on artificial reproduction and had become a beloved figure through her livestreamed daily activities. She was born on …

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In which US states is it illegal to hunt cougars?

Female cougar and her cubs against a wild mountainous backdrop

In the United States, the legality of hunting cougars varies by state. It is illegal to hunt cougars for sport in California, which is the only western state with a large cougar population that prohibits such hunting. In other states, there may be regulated hunting seasons and specific rules governing the hunting of cougars. …

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