Sight not smell of another cat’s feces in litter tray of multi-cat home is off-putting

Cats deterred by seeing another cats feces in litter tray in multi-cat homes but is not deterred by the smell

RELATED: 5 tips in choosing a litter tray/box and the substrate that goes in it Domestic cats prefer a visually clean litter box to one that has been used by other cats. However, a study found, rather surprisingly to me, that the odour of faeces and urine deposited in the litter tray by other …

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Feed picky-eating cats outside sometimes to encourage eating

Feed 'picky' indoor-outdoor cats outside in the backyard sometimes to encourage eating

This is a tip borne out of personal experience and as expected it applies to indoor/outdoor cats. It is sort of a personal, one-cat, study. It was conducted quite scientifically. A lot has been written about so-called ‘picky’ feeding cat companions describing the cat who leaves food in the bowl or turns up their …

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Do cats genuinely get stuck up trees? I doubt it.

I am happy up here. Please leave me alone and I’ll come down when I am good and ready. Thank you.

I am going to challenge the general consensus constantly repeated on the internet in hundreds of thousands of articles that domestic cats can get stuck up trees because they don’t have the ability to get down. Does that sound strange to you? How did nature over millions of years of Darwinian evolution fail so …

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Is killing prey a learned behaviour for cats? Infographic.

Is actually killing prey a learned behaviour for cats?

The answer to the question in the title is in the infographic. It is that predation behaviour is, as expected, inherited but it needs to be polished up with some training from their mother and a kitten’s keen observational skills and ability to learn from watching. It is how they learn to open doors …

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