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Caracal meowing

Are caracals legal in Ohio?

This applies to the present (May 29, 2022) but the law can change. Under Ohio statute: Chapter 935. Dangerous Wild Animals and Restricted Snakes, section §935.01 (C)(7)(d) it is illegal for an individual Ohio...

Handsome bobcat

Cats that live the longest?

The question is a bit ambiguous but I believe it can be rephrased as follows: “Which species of cat has the longest lifespan on average?”. I have to include the word “average” because there...

Lions including 2 white lions, asleep on the road in Kruger NP.

Lion habitat – ‘at home in more open areas’

Overview: The African lion habitat includes the plains of the Serengeti in East Africa and woodlands, deserts, dry forest and scrub. Underlying these habitats is the preference for open areas. In open plains lions...


Kodkod – comprehensive treatise

Overview: The kodkod is, with the oncilla, the smallest wild cat in the Western Hemisphere and smaller than the average domestic cat. It is a spotted cat that inhabits montane and coniferous forests on...

Mexican bobcat

Mexican bobcat – subspecies or not?

The Mexican bobcat is still considered a subspecies of the bobcat but perhaps a better description is “potential subspecies” because it is by no means certain that it is different or sufficiently different to...

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