Russian Blue bred in Russia

Russian Blue bred in Russia

The Russian Blue has a “Mona Lisa” smile. The hair is silver-tipped. The body is described as “foreign-type” which means slender and this cat is known for a long body and long legs combined with a soft “lustrous, bright blue double coat ” with brilliant green eye colour.

This particular cat was bread in Saint Petersburg which is not that far from Archangel, the city where the cat originates from as claimed in the history of this breed.

I think that the photo editing of this photograph is to extreme in that the colour balance has been tipped towards cyan/blue far too much to try and enhance the blue coat colour. I could not remove that. If the breeder reads this she may well disagree with me in that she knows exactly what colour are cats are but I just sense that this is an incorrect colour balance because the background is also cyan/blue and I believe that it is white.

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