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Cat with Distended (bloated or swollen) Abdomen — 2 Comments

  1. I have just recently found out my kitten is feline leukemia positive. He had the sniffles that never went away. Became sleepy and now has had his belly enlarge like a balloon. We had just lost a kitten to FIP, before we went to find another. Now, my once healthy kitten no longer acts as he did just weeks ago? I have one other kitten that we had adopted along with the first kitten that passed with FIP. Concerned for him, we had him tested and he too is feline leukemia positive. I am just heartbroken to have 3 very fatal diagnosis for my kittens. All adopted from local humane shelter.

    • Oh Michelle, that is terrible. I really feel for you and the poor kittens. I think you make the point that Elisa makes. I’m a shocked that this shelter has done this. There should be a radical change in their procedure. Thanks for posting.

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