Baggy Pants Cartoon Cat

Baggy pants
Baggy pants. Screenshot.
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The Baggy Pants Cartoon cat is little known. Thirteen episodes were produced by De Patie-Freleng. They were shown on Baggy Pants and Nitwits (NBC 1977). The cartoons only contained sight and sound (no voice) and were a bit like the Pink Panther but less clever.

Here is another video. Like the one above it is poor quality I am afraid. I can’t find a better-quality version:

Baggy Pants dressed like Charlies Chaplin’s Tramp. He had a moustache and a cane. Baggy pants remained optimistic and cheerful despite being rebuffed by everyone as he tried to make friends in various settings including:

  • a haunted house
  • on the beach
  • on a movie set
  • at a circus

The Nitwits were based on a park bench character in TV’s Laugh-In. That’s it folks…


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