‘Cathouse’ meaning and in a sentence

‘Cathouse’ is slang for brothel. It has been used for centuries. The origin of the word is rooted in the perceived promiscuity of the urban female cat who attracts many tom cats when she is in heat and mates with them in sequence.

Amsterdam cathouse
Amsterdam cathouse. Picture in public domain
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  • There is a cathouse down the road.
  • The madam of the local cathouse is Mrs Smith.
  • The best prostitutes are to be found at the Hackney cathouse
  • I frequent the cathouse at Kings Cross. What about you?
  • Cathouses should be closed in my opinion.
  • Cathouses serve a purposes in society and should not be denigrated.

P.S. If you search for ‘cathouse’ on the Pinterest website the search engine takes it literally and presents domestic cats in condos.

P.P.S. Cathouse is one word.

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