The Feline Rainbow Bridge: A Very Special Place in Heaven

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No words are sufficient to convey the heartbreak felt when we lose a beloved kitty. Since our cats are part of our family, the pain we feel is often devastating.

When I first came across the “Rainbow Bridge” poem, thinking that when it is time I would once again be reunited with all the incredible animals with whom I shared my life, it gave me great comfort. It also gave me hope and eased my sorrow.

I was talking about the Rainbow Bridge with a friend one day; a feline-only veterinarian. She thought that the poem was focused more on the loss of a dog. And since feline behavior is so different than the behavior of canines, she felt there was a need for a more feline-oriented “Rainbow Bridge Poem. She asked me if I would be willing to write a poem that she could share with her clients when their beloved cat passed away.

Tim’s deeply touching tribute to his beloved cat Miss Kitty inspired me to share that poem with our readers here on PoC.

When a cat gives you their heart with no reservation, loving you unconditionally, looking up at you with such an abundance of deep devoted trust, a unique bond develops between you and your kitty which is a true blessing.

At the same time, the profound joy that such tender love brings is not without risk. At the precise moment you open to that precious gift, sadly you must ultimately open to the deep sorrow you feel when your beloved cat dies.

Yet there is comfort in the thought that one day when it’s time, you will once again be reunited with that beautiful cat that you adored and still so deeply miss. You see, there is a special place in Heaven where you will once again be able hold your kitty in your arms, feel the tender touch of a gentle paw on your cheek, smell the sweet aroma of their soft fur, and rejoice in the familiar sound of their soft mews.

This special part of heaven which many people call the “Rainbow Bridge” is filled with such an abundance of light and healing energy that your cat is instantly restored to radiant health and vigor. Those who were old or sick no longer suffer. Cats who were injured or maimed are made whole and strong again.

At this magnificent place, your beautiful kitty basks in the brilliant warm sunshine, enjoying the bountiful food and fresh cool water. After curling up for an afternoon nap, your cat is awakens to the scent of lush green grass, and happily romps and plays with all the new friends that share that special place in Heaven.

Although your beautiful cat is contented and among friends, something very important is lacking. Since cats truly miss that special person they left behind who they know still thinks about them because they were so loved so deeply.

One day while your beloved cat is leaping in the air chasing butterflies or stalking through the grass chasing frogs, suddenly in one miraculous moment your cat sees you approaching from the distance.

Your kitty’s body quivers in joy, whiskers bristling forward, tail straight up in the air. You hear your cat’s excited, welcoming voice telling you how glorious it is to be once again in your company.

You smile in delight as you both stroll leisurely together, your cat purring loudly and rubbing up in pleasure against your legs, knowing that you will never again be separated and you will live eternally together at this very special place in Heaven.

Written In memory of my beloved Mousie Tongue: a very special seal-point Siamese


Photo Credit: Flickr User: Chris Isherwood (this is not Mousie Tongue)

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23 thoughts on “The Feline Rainbow Bridge: A Very Special Place in Heaven”

  1. So beautiful. I have a host of wonderful animals waiting for me up there. I just hope I survive the stampede! 🙂 There are hamsters and small critters and there are also draft horses and all manor of critters in between. Thank you for an inspiring story.

  2. yea sorry for your loss vicky its so hard when they go. Esp though illness when you had them most of your life. Im still getting over my girl gone last January. Its hard to move on but with hope am trying to move on:)

  3. Beautiful I loved it
    My beloved cat Patches died on Christmas last year(2012) and I was and am still heartbroken. This makes me feel so happy that if it’s true I will see her again. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  4. Thanks for writing this Jo. Such a hopeful and lovely place to believe in. I have many waiting there. And one, soon who will join the others. It makes you smile to think of it. No worries, no fear…just a place in the sun….or shade, depending on the mood.

    1. DW- that is exactly how I feel.

      Our boys are getting on in years and I just hope they will be on this Earth plane for many more. But I take heart in believing we will all meet again- and that will be just incredibly wonderful.

      One day I will meet my beloved angel mare who died in her 7th month of pregnancy. I know that she and her baby filly will be forever connected- never separated- and that thought gave be a great deal of peace, many many years ago.

  5. I have no words of comfort as I am bawling right now. I so hope there is such a place as I have lost so many that havve meant so much to me. No matter how long it has been for any of them, I never get over the loss of losing them. I am just crying harder and harder the longer I write this, so I must get my mind on something else.

    1. Vicki,

      I have been with you during your losses. The animals under your care received the best- and the greatest amount of love from your very big, generous heart.

      I truly believe we will be reunited again.. I just hope and pray that we who have gathered together across the long reaches of the Internet will also get a chance to meet with our beloved bridge babies.

      That would be incredibly awesome!

  6. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

    A long time ago, a group of us from formed the League of Super Cat Heroes and went on make-believe missions together. When my cat Treat died, someone in the League decided the super cats should embark on a rainbow mission to escort him to the Rainbow Bridge. Since then, every time a kitty veteran of UC dies, the LOSCH gives them a rainbow escort. If the kitty is a LOSCH member, as the super cats fly home, they are given a 21 Tail Salute. On a few occasions, when a human member dies, the LOSCH has escorted that person to the bridge to be with their deceased kitties. Once or twice it has been a dog or another kind of pet. But mostly it’s kitties. It gets hard to narrate the missions, especially when it’s a member or kitty we’ve all grown particularly fond of, and especially when three or four missions are needed one after the other. But the missions seem to bring a little comfort to the grieving humans left behind so we keep flying them nonetheless.

    1. Such a lovely and unique thing to do. So comforting.
      I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything quite like it.
      I would love it if you would write an article about this.
      Please consider.

      1. Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

        If your comment was in regard to the rainbow missions, thank you on behalf of the League of Super Cat Heroes and their human guardians. We’d be happy to write more about it for the benefit of anyone who is interested. Many of the guardians of kitties who have been escorted to the bridge have copied and saved the mission as a remembrance of their kitty. Not that anything is really needed to remind us of our friends we miss all the time, but it is a way for other cat friends to both mourn and celebrate with us the great blessing of having had a cat companion to love.

  7. I do believe that Mouse visits me. I often see a flash of white light on the wall of his favorite napping place. I know it is him. I feel a burst of love.

  8. This is a subject that brings up lots of memories. Thank you for this very poetic post, Jo. It seems that a lot of people believe in the Rainbow Bridge. There are a lot of people who miss their deceased cats. And there are a lot of people who had very, very close relationships with their cat companions. I remember mine frequently. Not daily, but several times each week and whenever I think of them it upsets me.

  9. I could not find the image that I wanted. [It’s no longer available.] But this one explains it, to those of who know you well, well–a little. ! 🙂

  10. thats wonderful am in tears as i read that. 🙁 Such a good idea never knew it was mainly for dogs. Reading it reminds me of Cass again. 🙁 Lovely article though.

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