Two cats glued together with tails crossed in deep affection when strolling along

Cats profoundly affectionate towards each other
Cats profoundly affectionate towards each other. Screenshot
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This couple of cats are profoundly affectionate towards each other. They are glued together, moving in unison, their tails intertwined as they stroll along. Beautiful to see. You will not see a more profound sign of affection between domestic cat then you see in this video from TikTok. They move as one. Their tails crossover and touch each other and it is not uncommon. Perhaps it is slightly uncommon to see so much affection between cats. It is the equivalent of humans holding hands while walking along the sidewalk, talking animatedly with each other, clearly in love. I realise I am anthropomorphizing the cat. An interesting aspect of this kind of overt cat affection is that we do not know their genders. It is an interesting topic particularly nowadays with a very strong drive towards equality and gender neutrality when writing about people. I am referring to the LGBTQ+ movement. It is a great movement because it reflects reality and it is about time that all people of whatever gender feel that they are recognised completely equally and accepted.


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An interesting fact here is that amongst domestic and feral cats there is this total acceptance. I would be unsurprised if these two cats are both males or perhaps both females. I just don’t know but there appears to be no prejudices in terms of gender in the feline world. There is no such thing as a gay cats, homosexual cats and lesbians or queer cats. They are just cats who are affectionate towards each other and who benefit from a beautiful friendship. People can learn from this. People should learn from this. And we should not be flippant about the fact that we are learning from cats! And remember those skeptics about sentience in animals: cats have feelings. This proves it.

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