Wild Cats of Asia

This page contains a list of wild cats of South East Asia for kids. It is written in plain English language. The pages for each wild cat are also in simple, easy to read, language.

Here is a list of wild cats that can be found in this region. The top cat is the heaviest and biggest. The bottom cat is the lightest and smallest.

  1. Tiger 75-320 kg
  2. Leopard 29-70 kg
  3. Clouded leopard 12-23 kg
  4. Asiatic golden cat 8-16 kg
  5. Fishing cat 5-12 kg
  6. Jungle cat 3-10 kg
  7. Bay cat 3-4 kg
  8. Leopard cat 2-4 kg
  9. Marbled cat 2-5 kg
  10. Flat-headed cat 1.5-2.2 kg

This is Southeast Asia:

South East Asia Map
South East Asia Map

What species of cat is native to Asia (the whole of Asia)? Here is a list.

  1. Asiatic golden cat
  2. Borneo bay cat
  3. Clouded leopard
  4. Fishing cat
  5. Flat-headed cat
  6. Jungle cat
  7. Asiatic leopard cat
  8. Marbled cat
  9. Rusty-spotted cat
  10. Sunda clouded leopard
  11. Chinese desert cat
  12. Bengal tiger
  13. Sumatran tiger
  14. China tiger
  15. Leopard
  16. Asiatic lion.

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