7 types of feline coughing with suggested causes

Cat Coughing
Cat Coughing. Photo: Warren Photographic.
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This table shows seven types of feline coughing with suggested causes. Remember a cough is a symptom of an illness. The information comes from four American veterinarians: Debra Ekdredge DVM, Delbert Carlson DVm, Liisa Carlson DVM and James Giffin DVM. Coughing is a reflex action instigated by an irritant in the bronchial tubes or perhaps the throat. Coughing creates more coughing. The cycle has to be stopped.

7 types of feline cough and causes
7 types of feline cough and causes. Image: MikeB.

A specific diagnosis can be obtained by examining cells recovered from the trachea. This is carried out with the cat under light anesthesia by a vet. This is called a transtracheal washing. X-rays are also taken.

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An asthmatic reaction is the most likely cause of feline coughing

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