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Benefits of a Cat Companion to the Elderly — 4 Comments

  1. It’s very important for older people to feel needed and having a pet fulfils that need and also provides a home for a cat or dog.
    I think cats are much easier for people who may have age related complaints, they don’t have to be taken for walks and on cold days they are happy to curl up by the fire and turn a house into a home.
    I used to hate going out to work leaving our cats too Marc, I’m so lucky to be retired and have Walt and Jo for companions. I wish Babz could retire too but this cruel government have made it even longer for her age group to have to work and keep on paying in to keep young fit people in benefits as there are no jobs for them.
    Like me she loves nothing better than spending time with our boyz.

  2. I think deep down I am a lady who is aged between 70 and 81.

    The more I have to do in the day the more I so can’t wait to see my cats. Every morning its so hard to leave – I just want to stay behind and hang out with them. Leaving for work is the last thing I want to do.

    There are benefits 🙂

    • I think deep down I am a lady who is aged between 70 and 81.

      No, I think deep down ladies of 70-81 are like you and all people who see the benefits of looking after a cat.

  3. Thanks to the “Internet and my cats matahari and matata that i am kept busy in documenting their lives as well as contributing to cat articles.Honestly, besides being my non-human companions at home i have become partly famous on the “Internet” due to my pets, my Alexandrine Parakeet “Mittoo” alias “Mittoo the Poppat” being more famous than me ! ?Irrespective of age, i personally feel that owning and caring for a pet enhances a humans life, especially people living alone .

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