Picture: Hyenas and Cat

Here is an unusual photograph of three hyenas and a cat looking for food put out by a person in Harar, Ethiopia. The hyena is a large and very strong animal. Spotted hyenas can be large enough to attack and kill people. Two who attacked people weighed 160 and 170 pounds. There was some sort of arrangement going on here in which it was agreed the hyenas would leave the cat alone.

Hyenas and cat

Hyenas and cat. Photo by A Davey.

Associated: Lion and Hyena

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  1. I hope this is not a “PHOTOSHOPPED PHOTO” for it’s a miracle that the hyena’s haven’t made a snack let alone a meal of this cat. A rare photo and a collectors item if true and not digitally mastered. I have just returned from a overnight tour to “Kaas Plateau”, a “UNESCO World nature heritage site” about 7 hrs drive from Mumbai. Two of the co-tourists were employees of company that digitally enhances “Hollywood Movies” and they enlightened me a bit on movie production.Remember, “The Life of Pi” was almost a totally digitally enhanced movie and hence i have my doubts about this particular photo.

    • You are right to be unsure about the photo. I believe it is real. The photographer says this:

      My take is the cat and the hyenas are acquainted and have worked out an arrangement that gives the cat a safe conduct pass during the feeding session.

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