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Picture: Hyenas and Cat — 8 Comments

  1. I hope this is not a “PHOTOSHOPPED PHOTO” for it’s a miracle that the hyena’s haven’t made a snack let alone a meal of this cat. A rare photo and a collectors item if true and not digitally mastered. I have just returned from a overnight tour to “Kaas Plateau”, a “UNESCO World nature heritage site” about 7 hrs drive from Mumbai. Two of the co-tourists were employees of company that digitally enhances “Hollywood Movies” and they enlightened me a bit on movie production.Remember, “The Life of Pi” was almost a totally digitally enhanced movie and hence i have my doubts about this particular photo.

    • You are right to be unsure about the photo. I believe it is real. The photographer says this:

      My take is the cat and the hyenas are acquainted and have worked out an arrangement that gives the cat a safe conduct pass during the feeding session.

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