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To Hound or Not to Hound Cougars — 3 Comments

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  2. The Cougars of the U.S.A and the Panthers of Mumbai National park face the same dilemma, both are in conflict with humans.”NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC” produced an excellent documentary on this topic showing man-eating instances in Mumbai in comparison to Cougar attacks in U.S.A. Mumbai is the only city in the World to have a genuine National Park containing leopards within the City territory having the third largest population in the World.The “Bombay cat” must have been named with the Bombay panther as a role model.I only hope that Mumbai’s “Sanjay Gadhi National Park” doesn’t lose its entire leopard population akin to Cougars disappearing from the wild American forests, both victims of human encroachment into their habitat.Illegal slums and unauthorized apartment construction around the Sanjay Gandhi National park boundary is the main reason for occasional leopard attacks on humans in Mumbai.

    • Thanks Rudolph. Yes, the large wild cat/human conflict is ever present and I am sure will gradually get worse. “Sanjay Gadhi National Park” is astonishing being so close to human settlements. Personally, it must be doomed in the long run because people won’t stop reproducing. It is that simple.

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