Two Ruddy Abyssinian Kittens

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I can remember these gorgeous kitttens being photographed by Helmi at the Oklahoma cat show in (I think) 2009. I was asked to guard over them until it was time to photograph them.There were many more than two. They were all in a cage. Helmi and Ken had hoped to get a really fantastic photo of all the kittens together but that doesn’t always work out for simple practical reasons. One cat or two won’t cooperate sometimes and for a successful large group photo all the cats must cooperate! Still these are fantastic photographs. Ken picked out two kittens and bingo, the shot was created…the breeder is Pat Harbert (see inset picture below), a charming lady…Michael – see the video of the making of this photos(new window)

Ruddy Abyssinian kittens
Abyssinian Kittens photos copyright © Helmi Flick – please respect copyrighTwo Ruddy Abyssinian kittens
Abyssinian Kittens photos copyright © Helmi Flick – please respect copyright

Two Ruddy Abyssinian Kittens to Abyssinian Cat

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  1. Hi everybody, we are happy to announce that we are giving away out cute little kittens to any good home. kittens are vet checked,vaccinated and up to date on all shots, they are kids friendly,socialized,house broken and potty trained, please send me an email if interested in getting the kittens.. my direct email address is contact me direct for more details and pictures of the kittens

    • Thanks. I do have a decent YouTube channel. The trouble is I have stopped making videos for some time. I ran out of material. That happens to anyone. The hard part is source material. That applies to words, image and videos.

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