Abyssinian Cat Quick Guide

PopularityVery popular – ranked 4th

Sorrel coat colour abyssinian cat
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Cinnamon Abyssinian Cat
Place of originIndia via Ethiopia (uncertain)
Date of origin1860s (first show 1871 – UK)
AncestryEthiopian house and street cats
Weight4 – 7.5 kg (9 -16 lbs)
TemperamentActive, not lapcat
Body typeForeign
Registration CFA, FIFe, TICA, GCCF
Colours & TypesGCCF: Tawny (the foundation color), Cinnamon (Sorel), Blue (dilute Tawny), Fawn (dilute Cinnamon – dark, cream and copper) and Silver. Nonchampionship: chocolate, lilac, red, cream and tortoiseshell
CFA: ruddy (ruddy brown, burnt sienna), red, blue, fawn. Grooming: Low demand. Ticked tabby coat
Outcross breedsNone
NoteSpecial agouti ticked coat. Colour names vary according to the country/registry

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