Are jaguars…13 questions answered about the Jaguar

Snake-eating jaguar
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Snake-eating jaguar. Credit: Michel Zoghzoghi / 2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Are jaguars dangerous? Yes (obvious). Are jaguars endangered? Yes (IUCN Red List classification: Near Threatened which in layperson’s terms means endangered). Are jaguars and panthers the same? They can be because the word “panthers” is used sometimes to describe black jaguars. Are jaguars and leopards the same? No but they looks very similar. Are jaguars nocturnal? Jaguars are not exclusively nocturnal. In Peru and Brazil they are active both day and night but in Mexico, Belize and Venezuelan they are primarily nocturnal. It depends upon pray activity and human disturbance. Jaguars preying on cattle frequently hunt during the daytime and they are diurnal if their diet consists of turtles and crocodiles. Are jaguars black? No, unless they are melanistic jaguars which are very dark charcoal grey with very faint ghost markings. Are jaguars carnivores? Yes, just like the domestic cat. Are jaguars endangered 2020? Yes. Are jaguars extinct? No. Are jaguars in the Amazon rainforest? Yes.

How do Jaguars adapt to the rainforest?

How do Jaguars adapt to the rainforest? Eons of evolution. Photo in public domain.

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