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  2. It’s awful the way they breed Siamese to have such a narrow head with their eyes on the sides like a fish! Cats are predators and meant to have the eyes on the front of their face. This is really messing up their brains and there is scientific evidence of neurological problems.
    I chose a Tonkinese because I had a rescue one and to me this is the most balanced of the current fancy breeds, it was in fact developed to counter the head problems both of the contemporary Siamese and Burmese (look up Burmese head fault). I think there are also breathing issues because the nasal passages can get so easily blocked especially if they are unlucky enough to pick up cat flu.
    If you like I can send you pictures of the Tonkinese. American ones vary from European in the same way as the Burmese do because the Burmese breed is one of the foundation breeds. My Tonk Mojo has quite a long face and is very much like the Siamese I grew up with in the 1970s/80s.

    • Hi Amanda, I agree. Not enough effort is made to ensure that modern Siamese cats have good health. Extreme breeding is selfish human behavior. Please send me the pictures of your Tonkinese by email on:


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