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    • Definitely Van-type. Can’t tell if purebred without documentary evidence on pedigree but strong Van appearance. Thanks for showing. So, yes, a Turkish Van cat but you need evidence of pedigree.

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  3. My kitten being a Persian traditional AKA dollface chinchilla is a find 6 months old boy. He is medium-bodied, however, his middle body between his front and back paws is very long :D, I am just curious to know if that means anything, or there is a specific reason he looks like that.

    • Hi Azy, it is probably just the way the cat has been bred. Persians should be cobby really so this anatomical feature of your cat is not in compliance with the breed standard. However, that’s not important unless you are showing your cat at cat shows. I’d say that it is nothing to be concerned about. If you have a picture you might like to upload it to another comment. Thanks for asking.

  4. Why is it an insult to be thought gay?
    Is it an insult to be thought straight?

    Who cares what your sexual orientation is anyway?

    I’m here to learn about cats!

    • It is not but it is said homophobically as I have stated i.e. with the intention of insulting. The point needs to be made as a section of society equates men who like cats as gay.

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