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Cats in pre-fight stand-off yowling

8 facts about the cat yowl

The first task is to agree on the feline sound that we call the yowl. This is a domestic cat sound. There may be some disagreement or confusion over what it is. There is...

Nighttime yowl of a wandering, intact female cat

Cat yowl, howl and growl

Yowling Cat yowling – why do cats yowl and what does it mean? You will see a lot of anecdotal responses to this question but I like to try and be as scientific as...

Why can't cats talk like humans?

Why can’t cats talk like humans?

By “talk like humans” I mean using a proper language but I don’t mean necessarily speaking in one of the many human languages. It’s probably useful to break the answer down into two sections....

Sweet cat meows like a baby cries but nicer

Cute cat cries like a baby (but nicer)

Who said that cats cry like babies to get our attention? We know it. Research indicates that domestic cats have developed a baby cry to tweak our maternal and paternal instincts. And this sweet-looking...

Tabby M mark

Origin of the word ‘meow’ – it’s onomatopoeic

The origin of the word “meow” is an onomatopoeic representation of the actual sound that domestic cats make, usually when requesting something such as food, albeit that it is a stereotypic representation because the...

How do cats purr?

How do cats purr? Current theory.

Over the years, there have been several theories as to how cats purr. Of the wild cats, the puma and the clouded leopard can purr, for example, but the big cats can’t. In 1996,...

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