Ignorance and literal belief in Bible makes for murder and animal abuse

Biblical concept of human dominion over animals

Although the Bible has many good aspects it also has bad. Many scholars have criticised the Bible which was written around 100 years after the death of Jesus. Why should millions of people follow the advice of people who lived two thousand years ago when the world was far more ignorant than today? The …

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Cat breeds that were created in the US (45 in all)

Different types of domestic cat. Forty-five breeds have been created in the US.

Here’s a list of cat breeds that were created in the US. Unsurprisingly, no other country comes close to the US in this respect. It is the world’s largest purebred cat market by quite a considerable distance. Why is America the leading country for the domestic cat and particularly the purebred cat? I’ll focus …

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Reason why jet-black moggie cats are relatively rare (in an infographic)

Why do so many black cats have a few white hairs? Answer in an infographic.

This post has been deliberately précised into an infographic. I am summarising in a few words hundreds of years of black cat history. 😉 But that is the point. To try and focus on the knub of the matter. The ad hoc development of the moggie black cat in which random-bred cats with jet-black …

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If cats had opposable thumbs, they wouldn’t be cats!

If cats had evolved to have opposable thumbs they wouldn't be cats!

There is a brilliantly funny ad for Cravendale milk which was very successful, in which domestic cats rebelled against the human because he wouldn’t give them milk. All the rebellious cats had opposable thumbs and they behaved like humans. And that’s the point if you want to be serious about it. The cats became …

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Theory on why cats are obligate carnivores (hyper-carnivores)

Carnivore diet

James Sanderson and Patrick Watson in their book Small Wild Cats make what I think is a very interesting suggestion or theory as to why all members of the Felidae family i.e. all cats, are hyper-carnivores meaning that they can only eat meat and that their digestive systems and anatomy have evolved over millions …

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I explain the reason why the Andean cat has a grey/brown coat and the sand cat has a sandy coat

How evolution changed the coats of the sand cat and Andean cat

Natural selection and selection pressures over millions of years of evolution is the reason why the Andean mountain cat has a predominantly grey coat while the sand cat has a sandy-coloured, even coat. These small wild cats illustrate how evolution works. The process is not about cats consciously adapting to the habitat where they …

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