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Domestic cat skinners of medieval times

Medieval domestic cat skinners

A bit of domestic cat history from England and Europe in general plus an image created with the help of an AI computer and some superb online software and some imagination. In Medieval England...

Medieval cat names

Infographic on medieval cat names

It is interesting to dip into the medieval world (500-1500 AD) and see how they interacted with their domestic cats. We have an image, or I do, of domestic cat persecution because of the...

Pseudaelurus - the precursor of today's modern cat family

16 facts about the ancestors of the cat

Here are 16 succinctly summarised facts about the ancestors of today’s cat. It is all about evolution over eons. Today’s domestic cat is a marvel of this evolutionary process which has taken tens of...

1901 refrigerator cats

Pittsburgh ‘Refrigerator Cat’

No, I’m not referring to domestic cats would like to open refrigerator doors and creep inside to either ‘steal’ the food for have a snooze, I’m referring to a special race of domestic cat...

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