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An illustrated list of unusual domestic cat breeds at 2012, on my assessment – CLICK FOR MAINSTREAM BREEDS. Things change. On this page: breeds A – E.

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Alpine lynx cat

Alpine Lynx
A supposed wildcat hybrid Bobcat (white) x domestic cat, with a further mating with a Highland Lynx to produce the curled ears. However, this is a selectively bred, totally domestic cat (no wild cat blood) that is meant to look like a bobcat. The Alpine lynx has longer hind legs and a large but not round head. The toes are tufted. They are intelligent cats.

Arabian Mau cat
Arabian Mau
A household or feral cat found in the United Arab Emirates that has been developed into a purebred cat recognised by the World Cat Federation (WCF).

Australian Tiffanie cat
Australian Tiffanie
This is more a mainstream breed but is here for practical reasons. This is a hybrid cat: a cross between a Chinchilla Persian and a long haired Burmilla.

Bagral cat
Bagral Cat
This is a rare wildcat hybrid: fishing cat (powerful small wildcat) x melanistic tabby spotted domestic cat. An experimental cat breed from the USA and Canada.

Bambino cat

Bambino Cat
One of the stable of 13 dwarf cats. This is a hybrid: Munchkin to Sphynx producing a hairless dwarf cat. One of the unusual domestic cat breeds.

Bahraini Dilmun cat
Bahraini Dilmun
This is not one of the formal cat breeds but is arguable a purebred wildcat hybrid that is sometimes semi-domesticated and which is possibly a jungle cat or serval x domestic cat cross living in Bahrain.

Bramble cat
Bramble Cat
A multi-hybrid cat breed created and developed by Gary Bramlett in Australia. Registered with the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry.

Brazilian Shorthair cat
Brazilian Shorthair
A naturally occurring feral, stray or household cat of Brazil that has been developed into a purebred cat recognised by the Brazilian Cat Federation.

British Lonhair cat

British Longhair
The longhaired version of the very popular British Shorthair. This cat should be as popular as the Persian. Beautiful cat.

Ceylon cat
Ceylon Cat
A natural feral, stray or household cat found in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) that has been developed by the Italian cat fancy and which is recognized by the FIAF – Italian Federation of Feline Associations

Cheetoh cat
A hybrid cat breed: Bengal x Ocicat. Developed in North America. Registered with TICA as an experimental breed

desert lynx cat
Desert Lynx
The Desert Lynx is an American bobcat X domestic cat hybrid we are told. The cat does not look like a wildcat hybrid, however. There are doubts about the bobcat mating with domestic cats.

Dossow cat
Dossow Cat
A multi-hybrid proposed domestic cat breed: Don Sphynx (also called the Donsky), Peterbald, Savannah and the American Polydactyl cat all mixed together.

Dragon li cat
Dragon Li
Also called: Li Hua, Li Hua Mau, Li Hua Mao. A tabby cat said to originate in the Chinese desert cat, a subspecies of the wildcat. The Dragon Li is recognised by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) as the CHINESE LI HUA.

dwelf cat
Dwelf Cat
A dwarf cat multi-hybrid: the Sphynx, the Munchkin and the Highlander or the American Curl. No pictures I am afraid. Correction and update. We have a picture on the left. Looks much like a standard hairless cat in this picture.

Elf cat breed
Elf Cat
A domestic cat hybrid: Sphynx and the American Curl. New at 2008.

European Shorthair
European Shorthair
This continental Europe’s version of the much better known British Shorthair. It is fully recognised by FiFé. This is one of the better known of the lesser domestic cat breeds.

A list of unusual domestic cat breeds would not be complete unless I include moggies, not a breed but they can be show cats and the “Angora” was a well known term used in the early cat fancy.

Moggie random bred cat
Random Bred Cat
Random bred cats – moggies – are frequently as beautiful as the purebred cat. They can be shown at cat shows as household pets (CFA).

angora cat
This is a discussion on a cat that was called the “Angora” at the turn of the 20th century.

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4 Responses

  1. Barbara Dowling says:

    I have a cat that is predominatly a tabby with tick sides and the back of the head and back of ears solid black. There is also a black stip that starts at the shoulders and runs down to tip of that tail. I was wondering what kind of breed this might be?

    • Michael says:

      Your cat is almost certainly a mixed breed (random bred) tabby cat. Tabby coats are the most common for random and pure bred pedigree cats. Tabby random bred cats can look extremely attractive. There is a huge range of tabby coat types from spots, swirls, ticked and stripes and combinations of these.

  2. wendy truman says:

    i was told my cat was probably a russian blue, how do i know for sure??

    • Michael says:

      To know for sure you’ll need to see the pedigree and your cat should have been registered with a cat association. A pedigree is a family tree going back four years or more that contains the full names of the cats, all of which should be Russian Blues or cat breeds that are approved for breeding Russian Blues by the cat association. That sounds awfully complicated but all purebred cat cats are registered in that way in the West (Europe and North America). There are a number of cat associations. Hope this helps.

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