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  1. I have a cat that is predominatly a tabby with tick sides and the back of the head and back of ears solid black. There is also a black stip that starts at the shoulders and runs down to tip of that tail. I was wondering what kind of breed this might be?

    • Your cat is almost certainly a mixed breed (random bred) tabby cat. Tabby coats are the most common for random and pure bred pedigree cats. Tabby random bred cats can look extremely attractive. There is a huge range of tabby coat types from spots, swirls, ticked and stripes and combinations of these.

    • To know for sure you’ll need to see the pedigree and your cat should have been registered with a cat association. A pedigree is a family tree going back four years or more that contains the full names of the cats, all of which should be Russian Blues or cat breeds that are approved for breeding Russian Blues by the cat association. That sounds awfully complicated but all purebred cat cats are registered in that way in the West (Europe and North America). There are a number of cat associations. Hope this helps.

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