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  1. I have a Tennessee Rex a new breed in development with Tica. It features the new to cat fancy satin coat mutation. The satin coat is as it sounds shiny like silk or satin and soft like a cashmere sweater.

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  3. so is that why most rare breeds of cats can be not cheap at all to purchase one? my first cat was a maine coon cat but i didn’t have to pay to much money for her because i adopted her from a humane society

    • Rare cat breeds are actually normally no more expensive than the more common breeds. Some are rare because they are not popular so very few are bred by breeders. If they are not popular that forces the price down.

      I hope you are well Darlene. Nice to hear from you.

  4. We live in Dallas tx Behind us is a large creek and park and gold course we often see the outline of a cat that looks to be 25-30 lbs we have small dogs for comparison. It has the enlarge ears like a savanagh cat or singapore cat. Should we catch it or call animal control. It stared down a skunk last week

    • Personally I wouldn’t call animal control because if the cat is doing no harm it may end up being killed. Large Savannah cats (F1-F2) are rare so probably not that. Could be a large tabby cat. He/she may be an outdoor cat roaming widely. Personally, I’d watch and wait. No harm done. I don’t see any danger. Large domestic cats and even small wild cats aren’t a danger to people. It is the opposite.

      I’d be carefully about catching it because someone might own the cat. Technically it could be theft to catch a cat and take it away.

      But of course each person has their own way of dealing with things. My style is to live and let live unless you have to take action.

      Thanks for asking.

      • It has super large ears in the moonlight the silhouette is beautiful. We don’t feel threatened. But if its rare wanted to make sure its preserved safely. But I have never seen a cat as big or have those directional tall ears.

        • Natasha, could you capture a picture?
          If this cat seems relatively harmless, PLEASE don’t call animal control. That would mean certain death.

  5. Hello, have you heard of two cats that have mated and given different breeds, that is a havana brown and a bombay black cat , gave birth to a ,……….. Persian, racoon, bombay, korat,and a munckin

    • A raccoon is not a cat! Sometimes two breeds have produced a new breed. An example is the Burmilla. However, I am sorry but the cats you refer to are incorrect.

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  7. I have a Scottish fold white Siamese Manx I cannot find a breed for that if anyone out there can help me I’d greatly appriciate it please I breed my full blood Siamese Manx to my full blood Scottish fold I will post pics on my face book on Jennifer berck in a couple days if anyone would be interested in viewing and if they could tell me if thease cities are worth anything thank you

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  9. Hi Michael,

    Wow, I really appreciate the good scientific approach you’ve used and the thoroughness of your analysis. Nice that you researched so many good sources to gather data and your data analysis is impressive.

    Found some breeds on your list I’ve never heard of. That’s a good sign for a rarity page. I consider myself to be fairly well versed in domestic cat breeds. Always nice to discover “new” breeds.

    From your list, the Savannah and Serval are some interesting larger domestic cats. I’ve actually seen people bring those things into pet stores. The customers either get real nervous or very intrigued. Some end up asking if they can stand next to those cats to get their picture taken. Beautiful cats and they would be interesting to have around.

    Also on your list is a long haired cat that likes to swim. It’s an unusual thing to see. You might like to check it out.

    I hear you on the fad thing. A lot of breeders really are trying every possible combination to make a healthy buck. Problem is birth defects and kitten mortality rate. Some people were born cold I guess.

    Thanx for the study,

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  10. I have a question about a cat that was on TV today. The Egyptian Koraku {?spelling} is apparently the only cat that can catch a flying bird in midair. They have lynx like ears with the sprig on hair pointing upward off the tips, and are orange-tan colored.

    I’d like more information on this breed. They apparently get large and have been somewhat interbred with common cats like Savannah cats{mostly to bring them down in size and temperment}.

    Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi, the first cat to come to my mind is the medium sized wild cat species called a caracal. This cat is famously athletic and is known to catch birds in flight as they take off. They have the longest lynx tips to their ears of all the cats, wild or domestic. They are tan colored too. They are not domesticated normally. In days gone by, people did tame them to hunt for them. I have never heard of the name Egyptian Koraku. They do live in Egypt however and over large parts of Africa and the Middle East.

    • have a question I have a blue around the face a little white on the face this the only kitten iv seen this color ackward plz email me bac don’t have no pics at this timr.

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