Comparing the leopard and jaguar in a table

Jaguar versus leopard appearance

Here is a table comparing the leopard and jaguar. Why compare these cat species? Because they are very similar in appearance and not infrequently mixed up by observers. They actually live in completely different places which is a little surprising considering they are hard to tell apart sometimes. RELATED: In Mexico, jaguars and pumas …

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In Mexico, jaguars and pumas are eating more monkeys thanks to human activities


Abnormally, jaguars and pumas in Middle and South America (Neotropics) are attacking and eating primates (monkeys and apes) rather than ungulates (hooved animals) because of human activities resulting in prey depletion and deforestation. As usual, these human activities have a negative impact on these top predators which threatens their survival. It’s unusual for both …

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Are jaguars good swimmers? Bloody hell YES! Infographic and video.

Jaguars are excellent swimmers

Jaguars are probably the best swimmers of all the felines. They are certainly the best underwater swimmers. Tigers are a pretty close second. Jaguars have an extraordinary ability to swim under water in an entirely natural way as if they’ve been transformed into an aquatic animal. The video illustrates this admirably. The infographic contains …

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How many jaguars are left in the world 2022?

jaguars in water

There are two very sad facts to report in answering the question in the title. Firstly, there are websites and videos which greatly misrepresent the world population size of the jaguar. For example, there’s a video on YouTube which says that there are almost 200,000 Jaguars in 19 countries including America. The video is …

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Cats that live the longest?

Handsome bobcat

The question is a bit ambiguous but I believe it can be rephrased as follows: “Which species of cat has the longest lifespan on average?”. I have to include the word “average” because there will always be individual cats who have very long lifespans but we can’t say that because one cat of a …

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