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This page lists the causes of blood in a cat’s stool. I’ll keep it short and to the point. Clearly, if this condition is observed, and doing the litter is the best time to do this, a trip to the vet is pretty much the only option. Please don’t put it off. I know they are expensive but there are times when it has to be done.

Turkish Angora cat that died of cancer
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Beautiful classic Turkish Angora “Genghis Khan”
who died of cancer. This page in his memory.
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Bleeding in the lower bowel (colon) can cause a bloody stool. When the stool is black and tarry it indicates bleeding in the upper digestive tract. A bloody stool – blood mixed with the stool – should be distinguished from blood on the outside of the stool, which is caused by bleeding from the anus or rectum due to anal or rectal disease.

Food Poisoning – Outdoor cats can eat rotting meat and flesh and other foods that have become poisonous. Cats are more sensitive to food poisoning than dogs. Severe food poisoning can cause bloody diarrhea.

Hookworms – An acute hookworm infestation can, uncommonly, cause bloody stools. The stools might be “wine dark or tarry black”1.

Aspirin – only give under veterinarian supervision. When given regularly it  produces peptic stomach ulceration possibly complicated by “gastrointestinal bleeding”2.

Food Hypersensitivity – vomiting for approximately two hours after eating which can be accompanied by bloody diarrhea.

Colitis – this is an inflammatory disease of the colon accompanying inflammatory bowel disease usually. Signs other than small stools mixed with blood and mucus are: urgent straining, painful defecation, gas, long time squatting. Constipation shows similar signs, note.

Cancer – this is a possibility if a cat has difficulty eating and/or digesting food and/or a bloody stool and/or constipation.

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Blood in cat stool – Note:

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