Can you tell from their face that they are cat abusers?

Can you tell from their faces that they are cat abusers?
Can you tell from their faces that they are cat abusers? Screenshot from video by CBS Local.
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We see mugshots of alleged cat abusers all the time. Or they are cat hoarders who neglect cats to the point where they become seriously ill and die. This is animal abuse by neglect which as bad as any other form of animal abuse and cruelty.

The accused in this case, “Garriott Cox and Pamela Arrington are facing multiple charges after investigators found 150 live cats and 74 dead cats in horrible conditions at their home on Bird River Road in Middle River” (reported by CBS Local). It interests me as to whether one can tell from their faces that people are animal abusers. And the answer is that, no you can’t tell.

It seems to me that the average, low profile, quiet and reasonable neighbour is as likely to be a monumental cat hoarder (and therefore by default likely to be an abuser) as he or she is to be completely normal (if there is such a person). The animal abuse is hidden from neighbours’ eyes. Until it is discovered in some way – sometimes because of the smell coming from the home – cat abusers through hoarding are just neighbors going about their business. They naturally take steps to conceal their aberrant behavior. My immediate neighbour is a cat hoarder of sorts. She has around ten cats and they are all full-time indoor cats. She is a nice woman and her husband is nice too. Good neighbours. I disagree with how she cares for cats, however.


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