Gabapentin substantially improves adoption rate of shelter cats rescued from a hoarding environment

Gabapentin combined with a behaviour modification program can substantially improve rescue cats' rehabilitation and therefore chances of adoption after being rescued from a cat hoarding environment

Cats living with a cat hoarder are almost invariably neglected. They are often only partly socialised, stressed and unhealthy. After rescue, a substantial percentage of them do not take well to a rescue facility. It may be so bad for them that they stop eating and toileting. They are essentially unadoptable because they’re so …

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53 facts and thoughts about cat hoarding

Cat hoarding

Here are 53 facts interspersed with some thoughts of my own about cat hoarding. The facts come from studies and therefore they are scientifically based. There may be some overlap in these facts. The information comes from several scientific studies including those referred to in The Welfare of Cats. The facts are presented in …

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Cat hoarding – full discussion

Preamble This page has been refreshed, added-two and republished as that the date heading this page. They will be amended again. Why? Because this is a massive topic. It is an ongoing topic. Even the experts scratch their head sometimes as to how to deal with it. It is based on mental health problems …

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Foul ammonia odour exposes homes where there are too many cats

Singapore cat hoarder seeks help

I’m reminded by a story from California that it is the foul ammonia smell emanating from homes in which there are too many cats which always exposes these homes to the authorities because at the end of the day a neighbour complains as the smells constantly waft into their home. They might accept it …

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Sydney woman allowed to keep 54 companion animals at her residential home

Bramhall with one of her cats; a Sphynx

NEWS AND COMMENT-SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Is this an example of animal hoarding or just very efficient pet ownership carried out to a high standard but in large numbers? The local authority decided the latter as they’ve allowed Hayley Bramhall, a bikini model, to keep her 54 pets which include two cats, two guinea pigs, 17 …

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Number of domestic cats owned should be restricted to prevent cat hoarding

This is a question about whether introducing a law which restricts the number of cats that a person can own would have the effect of reducing cat hoarding cases. Cat hoarding is a mental health problem in a not insubstantial number of people. I can say that with some confidence because quite often the …

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