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  1. When it comes to leg damage you win by a scratch and two puncture wounds, however taking in the fact that I had shoulder and chest wounds too I think I come out slightly ahead at this point, but that could all change…..

  2. I know what you mean about paws, I love the way the back ones curl up when she sleeps on her back with her legs in the air, not too Ladylike but very cute.

  3. As for the claws, having just gone through looking like Frankenstein’s monster thanks to my kitten she has now learned (by herself) to keep her claws in mostly when we play and I am healing up nicely, I didn’t cut them and I probably won’t in the future.

  4. Beautiful! Just an absolutely beautiful, majestic animal. I love being able to look at them when they are sleeping or active. But when sleeping, they touch me all the way to my heart’s core. That’s when I realize they depend on me to protect and ensure their safety, health and well being, away from the rest of the world.

    • He is getting much better with the camera and of course with me. So yes. I am building up to trimming his claws in the not to distant future, hopefully. I think he should get used to it asap but I don’t want to scare him. So I’ll try when he is a bit more domesticated and settled.

      • Never trimmed our cats claws in their lives apart from Ebony when she was very old and they grew curved, scratching posts and pads in every room keep them right. Cats in the wild don’t get their claws trimmed and they manage nicely.
        Once you start you have to do it regularly for ever, you take over from Mother Nature!

          • No, never trimmed Charlie’s claws. He went outside quite a lot (wearing his claws down a bit) and I knew he was safe because he never went far.

            I have only ever trimmed Binnie’s claws because when she became elderly, one or two were ingrowing.

            I just think Gabriel may have to have his claws trimmed until I can be sure he’ll be safe outside where he can blunt his claws through usage. There is nothing inside which wears claws down. I don’t think a cat scratching post is that effective in blunting claws. Claws need to be used naturally in the normal course of outside use. That’s the way I see it.

            I don’t mind the furniture or me being scratched but it may be sensible to make sure they are blunted in the same way claws are blunted in normal use.

        • Good point Ruth. Maybe I won’t do it. I am not sure he’ll get enough outside time walking on hard surfaces to wear them down. Cat scratching posts may help a bit but I think a cat needs to really be walking on hard surfaces to blunt the claw a bit.

          I have no plans to let him go outside at present. Eventually he will but it’ll be some time in the future and under heavy supervision possibly on a leash. I may even move before then a buy a home with a garden which I can enclose.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, I love cats paws, just look at those little pads and furry bits and those claws are so neatly tucked away in those precious toes.
    I could go in to ecstasies over cats paws and these photos show why.

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