Cat Play Tunnel

Daria an F2 Savannah kitten from A1 Savannahs

This is a cat play tunnel in use by Daria an F2 Savannah kitten from A1 Savannahs – Photo: Michael @ PoC. I saw this cat play tunnel in use for the first time at A1 Savannahs, the famous Savannah cat breeders located near Ponca City in Oklahoma, USA.

Martin and Kathrin Stucki place an emphasis on ensuring that their cats are well socialised as well as beautiful and healthy.

One aspect of socialisation is to let the kittens play together in their home and to meet visitors and other people.

One cat toy or play product that was obviously popular was the play tunnel. Daria would chase into it followed by another kitten. I thought I’d catch this impressive little tearaway coming through the tunnel and the photograph, above, is the result. The photograph was in fact for the new owner. Daria had just been sold and was soon to travel to a new home.


There are a wide range of play tunnels on the US market. Martin very generously bought me one, which I have here in the UK. I think the one he gave to me was the CrackleChute, that has achieved four stars from five reviews on Amazon. You can get them on Amazon.

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