CrossFit high fives from a cat (video)

CrossFit high fives from a tabby cat
CrossFit high fives from a tabby cat. Screenshot
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A video to bring a smile to your face and the people who are at this CrossFit gym. They end their gym session with high fives from a cute cat who seems to be well versed in what to do.

What a great combination: socialising with your friends while keeping fit and ending it with a happy high fives from a tabby cat. I wonder if she/he is the gym cat. If so she is the first one I have bumped into on my internet travels.

Apparently this is in China but it could be anywhere in the West. In fact, I first thought that it was in America. It is nice to see because animal welfare is not a priority in China. Maybe this is a sign of a change for the better.

Note: As I don’t control the existence of the video on Instagram it may disappear at some time and if so I am sorry.

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