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Gabriel Loves My Camera — 10 Comments

  1. Dear Michael__Gabriel is very comforted by your presence or anything that has your scent on it, which he considers partly his. Yes he is a loving and loyal cat , thanks to your great parenting. I hope you two share your space for a long time to come.

  2. Gabriel’s sleeping pose indicates total trusting.
    Good job, Michael.
    Have you introduced him to any other humans yet?

    • Yes, Dee, I have visitors sometimes and he is pretty relaxed with them. If I am friendly with people he sees them as non-hostile and sticks around. He is cautious and wary, which I like as it safer for him. I feel he is quite well domesticated but there is a wild streak.

      He loves to sleep next to me. When he comes in from some night-time hunting he calls for me and greats me in bed. He doesn’t meow but squeaks and squeals. In the picture he is lying next to me.

      • Terrific!
        Just like children, it is in his best interests to be a little wary of strangers. It’s a little comforting really. As you may guess, I love a wild streak.
        Do you have a cat flap? Is that why he is in and out at night?
        Again, good job.

        • Yes, he has a cat flap. It is in the kitchen window which leads to the back garden. This is a safe area. I believe he spends most of his outdoor time in this garden. When I call him he usually comes so he can hear me. That said I am a bit concerned and am thinking of radio tracking him! I want to know where he goes.

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