Gabriel Loves My Camera

This photo gives an impression he loves my camera but he runs from it. As the camera is the subject matter of the photo, I took it with a tablet computer (Sony Duo) that I was transferring the image files to. The image quality is not great partly because the tablet computer camera is not that good and partly because the light source was a bedside table; not good lighting.

Gabriel and Camera

In truth, he dislikes cameras and being photographed. When photographing him, at the moment the autofocus snaps in making a beep, Gabriel squeaks at me and runs away! If I get too close he smacks the camera lens. I have to outsmart him to get the pic.

On this occasion he was snoozing and totally unaware of what was going on. The pictures on Flickr are not of Gabriel but iconic London buildings taken by me with the camera and lens that Gabriel is cuddling.

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10 thoughts on “Gabriel Loves My Camera”

  1. Dear Michael__Gabriel is very comforted by your presence or anything that has your scent on it, which he considers partly his. Yes he is a loving and loyal cat , thanks to your great parenting. I hope you two share your space for a long time to come.

  2. Gabriel’s sleeping pose indicates total trusting.
    Good job, Michael.
    Have you introduced him to any other humans yet?

    1. Yes, Dee, I have visitors sometimes and he is pretty relaxed with them. If I am friendly with people he sees them as non-hostile and sticks around. He is cautious and wary, which I like as it safer for him. I feel he is quite well domesticated but there is a wild streak.

      He loves to sleep next to me. When he comes in from some night-time hunting he calls for me and greats me in bed. He doesn’t meow but squeaks and squeals. In the picture he is lying next to me.

      1. Terrific!
        Just like children, it is in his best interests to be a little wary of strangers. It’s a little comforting really. As you may guess, I love a wild streak.
        Do you have a cat flap? Is that why he is in and out at night?
        Again, good job.

        1. Yes, he has a cat flap. It is in the kitchen window which leads to the back garden. This is a safe area. I believe he spends most of his outdoor time in this garden. When I call him he usually comes so he can hear me. That said I am a bit concerned and am thinking of radio tracking him! I want to know where he goes.

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