Giles Coren has kittens

“I’m afraid I can’t bring myself to have kittens about anything this week because . . . I’ve got kittens.” – Giles Coren in The Times

Writing in his usual The Times column (Notebook), Giles Coren tells us that he and his wife have adopted two kittens for their children Kitty and Sam. They each have a kitten and they were adopted together and arrived last week. As usual the first hours are about coaxing them from under the sofa. You have to give them all the time they need.

Giles Coren
Giles Coren. Photo: Twitter feed.
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He is so involved with the kids’ kittens that he can’t concentrate on work. He says he has passed up a couple of gigs worth six grand in total because he is so enamoured of his kittens. He certainly is paid well which he deserves because he is extremely talented and very funny. I regularly read his column.

“How can anyone expect me to work when my kittens are sad and confused…Everything is OK. But I can’t possibly write…”

You are writing Giles, about those mischevious kittens. Sam named his kitten Mo Tenzing after Mo Salah the fabulous, Egyptian, Liverpool striker and Sherpa Tenzing who was the first to climb Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary. Sam’s first choice was Murdoch after Howling Mad Murdock from the A Team (yes it does end with a ‘k’).

In the end Kitty named her kitten Iris. Mr Coren tells us that she wanted to name her kitten after a ‘strong female from Greek mythology’. Aphrodite and Athena were vetoed by Giles (and his wife, I believe). They decided on Iris who’s apparently the goddess of rainbows. I learnt something. And I learnt that Mr Coren likes cats. Great, I’m more impressed with him now and I was pretty damn well impressed with him before.


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