A shelter cat should be allowed to choose their caregiver

Shelter cats

They say that if you are at an animal shelter looking to adopt a cat, you should let the cat choose you. The same applies to dogs. It sounds like a nice idea. It’s almost sentimental and a bit cute but is it practical? I think it is but it depends on how you …

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If you wanted to adopt a cat, would you adopt a really mean one to spare his life?

Wizard the mean shelter cat learned to love his new family

The question in the title is asking whether you would adopt a shelter cat slated for euthanasia because he had been evaluated by shelter staff as aggressive and unadoptable. This is what can happen to rescue cats when they behave badly at shelters. The staff sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for bad …

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Likely reason why well-cared for domestic cats leave the security of their home

Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense tells us that surveys of domestic cat ownership in the UK confirm that many stray cats have got ‘lost’ (probably temporarily) having left a home in which they were cared for properly. They lived in nice homes with a good owner. This can happen in about …

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If you adopted your cat from a shelter, how did they tell you that they were the right cat for you?

Selecting a shelter cat

There is such a high degree of variability in the behaviour of shelter cats and their potential adopters that there is no one single sign or M.O. which represents all the encounters. This is my thought about this topic. I have skimmed some stories and I can’t really see a pattern. It is surely …

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Cat owners that look like their cats

Woman looks like her cat

It is said that pet owners can and sometimes do look like their pets and I am referring to cats and dogs. This topic is normally discussed in relation to dogs. Research has been carried out on why dog owners look like their dogs. It’s been scientifically proven that they can and they do …

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