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Havanna Brown Breed Standard

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This is a short discussion about selected parts of the Havanna Brown Breed Standard with the benefit of being able to look at the best photographs of the best cats of this breed at the same time.

My first impression of this cat is the open expression and the lustrous red-brown coat on a medium quite slender (but not overly so) body that is well proportioned. The CFA standard says that the overall impression is of a medium sized cat with a rich solid coat color and good muscle tone.  

The eyes I think are a fine match, aesthetically, to this cat’s superb coat. The Breed Standard says that the eyes should be oval in shape and medium sized. They should be brilliant, alert and expressive. You can see all three qualities in abundance in the photographs of Fraulein Katz ,Hershey, Cocoa, Gwen and Bud.

The head is a little on the long side (CFA says longer than it is wide). The head though is not unaturally long so as to look artifical. The muzzle is “somewhat” narrow. This characteristic should be evident in this breed. If you stop the slide show at the photogrpraph of the profile of Gwen you will see how well she meets the CFA profile in respect of the head. There should be a “stop” at the eyes and the end of the muzzle should be almost square.

As to the body this should demonstrate balanced proportions. Overall the Havanna Brown should be neither cobby and stocky nor slender and skinny (my words) but in the middle.

The other elements of the cat should also be in proportion. For example, the tail should be neither whip like nor “blunt”.

The famous coat needs to be a rich, even and warm (red – mahogany) brown. Young adults may have faint tabby markings, which are allowable.

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