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Hawaii is Pushing for a Ban on the Consumption of Cat and Dog Meat — 27 Comments

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  2. I understand how all of you feel. I love animals also. I was raised on a farm. Part of that was eating the produce and the animals that were raised to provide food. They were never factory farmed. They were free to roam as they pleased in pastures. One thing we were taught is that predators were not food. Only grazing and browsing animals. That includes chickens and other browsing birds. I cannot imagine eating cats or dogs or any other predator. If we do not eat any other living thing that means no fruits or vegetables either. They are alive too. I hope this law strengthens the current laws and helps stop the consumption of dogs and cats.

  3. Why in the world would you want to eat a companion animal? Its a wonder Hawaii isn’t divided between animal lovers and cat and dog meat eaters.

  4. Sounds to me as if quite a few PoCers would be happier being veggie and eating no animals at all, I know I am, it’s one of the best things I ever did!
    I can now look every species of animal, bird and fish in the eye and say ‘I love you’

  5. I think I would starve to death before I ate a cat or dog. Sometimes I get the willies eating hamburger. Just can’t get my head wrapped around this thing.

    • exactly i would rather not experience it. i know its a culture esp over here in some tonga and i think samoa. but its usually dogs not cats. I felt sick just thinking about it.

  6. One thing I’d like to know is how the existing law in Hawaii is different from similar laws in other states against the killing of cats and dogs for the consumption of their meat, or the consumption of their meat? Laws against animal cruelty in general seem to be pretty laxly enforced or prosecuted in most places. With the two biggest organizations that allegedly concern themselves with animal rights arguing about whether or not the law is needed, you can see why legislators might think not. It seems that nobody (among the law-makers) really wants to see cats and dogs treated as meat animals but no one is sure how to protect them or if they are already protected. Do they have cases already prosecuted as examples?

  7. I hope the law passes because no one in the world should eat cats or dogs. Yet as Michael says people eat pigs and cows so why not cats and dogs, they are all animals. In fact we could go so far as to say because we are animals too, if it’s OK to eat the ones who walk on four legs it should be OK to eat the ones who used to walk on four legs but now walk on two….that’s us, the human species.
    No one needs to eat flesh of any other living creature, we can survive without and I wish it hadn’t taken me so many years to realise that, while I hypocritically said I loved all animals.

    • I hope it passes too, Ruth AKA.
      I’m ashamed that this stuff is still happening in the states.
      When you’re done with the Easter festivities, please think about another poster that could lighten things up a little. I like thinking about the bunnies and what they would be thinking if real, “Oh no, here she comes with that brush again. Leave my bum alone, you brushing maniac!”.
      I’m feeling so bummed out right now.
      Anyway, I’m back on my “job” tonight/early tomorrow, then off the w/e and full force Monday.

        • So sweet of you, Michael.
          Thanks. Don’t put yourself out. I’m only one of many wonderful people here.
          Sometimes, it’s a little overwhelming to be slapped in the face with so much sadness and insanity around us.

          • I really muddle through but wonder, at times, if I really make a difference and if there isn’t more that I could do.
            I draw a lot of strength from a lot of sources; one is from the tale about the little boy and the starfish that I told. It helps me a lot.

            Thousands of starfish were stranded on the beach and a man was watching a very young boy throwing them back into the water one by one. He approached the boy and asked him how he thought he could, possibly make a difference since there were so many. The young boy picked up another starfish and threw him back into the ocean and said, ” It made a difference to that one.”

      • Good luck with the rest of your huge undertaking Dee.
        You’ll not believe the stress Babz and I have had over this event. The peoples ‘politics’ have cast a gloom over it, we thought sharing between our four local rescues was a brilliant idea, but then the back biting began……..
        What with all that and the worries about neighbours cats here I need to cheer myself up too with a daft poster right now.

        • Dreadful, R.
          Doing good can be so crazed with humans.
          I wish everybody would just become cats.
          The world would be simpler and a much better place.

        • Well the coloured bunnies are beautifully brushed but are a bit glum as they are sitting in an armchair together in an (empty) chapel of rest in the dark now until either A) the day before the event when we get things organised or B) if I ever get a minute at work before the day maybe I could put a couple in the window with the Easter Bunny.

  8. Is it the native hawaiians who are eating pets?

    OR the local Asian community? Gotta be one or the other. Simple as that.

  9. Firstly, I am surprised to read that in Hawaii people eat cat and dog meat. In fact, I am surprised that in other parts of America people eat cat and dog meat. At one time I had believed that cat and dog meat was only eaten in Asia.

    Secondly, I am also surprised that some of the politicians are resisting introducing this legislation into law. If, as is stated the current law is inadequate which makes it difficult to enforce then there is a need for an updated law which is more effective. I would have thought that it would be difficult to argue against that.

    By the sound of it some of these politicians are being lobbied by businessmen who are involved in the cat and meet trade. That is a guess and I have no evidence to support it.

    There is something vaguely similar going on in England, UK. I am almost certain that there is no cat and dog meat consumed in England but some people, immigrants, in restaurants in parts of London eat ape meat or monkey meat, that is, the meat of primates which is shipped from Africa. I’ll leave that one there but suffice to say that I hate the idea.

    The issue of cat and dog meat is very complicated because as you say people eat pig and cow so why not eat cat and dog?

    For me, it always feels wrong and seems morally wrong to consider cats and dogs as animals that can be eaten by people. I think that I believe this because they are both companion animals and we see them as companions and family members. We should not eat family members.

    One reason why cats and dogs are considered to be fair game to be eaten is because there are lots of strays and feral cats. However, the reason for stray and feral cats and dogs is because of human negligence and neglect and therefore this is a circuitous argument, a self-serving argument that does not stand up.

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