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Eating cat and dog meat in Yulin

Animals of China

A very large number of animals living in China are severely mistreated, probably a far greater a number than suggested here. Yes, I know animals are mistreated in the West as well but there...

Stray cat Mumbai India

Mumbai’s dog and cat meat eaters

A friend of mine living in Mumbai says that he has no knowledge of residents eating cat and dog meat. Fair enough. However, the Mumbai Mirror has an article dated 28 Dec 2018 which...

The people of Madagascar

People who eat their pet cats

COMMENT: Some Madagascarans (citizens of the island of Madagascar) eat the family’s pet cat out of convenience. It’s a shocking discovery but when I reflect on it, unsurprising. Cat meat is one of my...

Cat meat trade in Vietnam

How to stop the cat meat trade in Vietnam

The Vietnamese cat meat trade is horrible by any standards. Three million cats, many of them domestic cats (stolen pets), are killed in various inhumane ways before being skinned, disembowelled and eaten because some...

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