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How do you feel about silicone claw caps? How good are they? — 1 Comment

  1. I disagree rather strongly with anything that interferes with a cats ability to use their claws in a natural way. While indoor cats may on occasion need to have their claws trimmed I have NOT had to trim my cats for some time. This means providing a variety of surfaces for them to stretch and scratch naturally.
    Anyone who has raised a kitten knows there is a period of time in their physical development where hanging from the rafters is normal and in my opinion necessary.
    My very good DVM trimmed them as part of her service and the back also. When they came home both were unable to grasp with their little feeties and climb their own cat tree.
    Declawing does not keep cats out of the shelter or from being dumped outside. The mentality to do that was already there when they decided to butcher their cats feet.
    Hybrid cats should not exist so the need to cap their claws is a moot point.
    Nail clippers should be the guillotine type and replaced yearly. Regular inspection of your cats claws is important if you detect hooks or a cat is becoming caught.
    My cats on occasion pull a thread or leave a nick on something however I manage to spill a large mug of black coffee on my good run and my husband did not take me in to have my fingertips removed.

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