How do you feel about silicone claw caps? How good are they?

How good are cat claw caps? If your mind is set on declawing your cat but you are thinking about cat claw caps as an alternative, then they are a good idea because they will stop you mutilating your cat at your convenience. However, the alternatives are better.

Cat claw caps
Cat claw caps. Photo: eBay.
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Saving from declawing?

Cat claw caps can be an excellent product if they save a cat from suffering 10 partial amputations of the toes of their forepaws. But…..

Acceptance of claws

However, if you are trying to make up your mind between accepting your cat’s claws or covering them with a plastic sheath then claw caps are not a good product both from your perspective and from your cat’s perspective.

How do they feel to the cat?

I think it’s useful to try and get into the head of a domestic cat who is wearing claw caps. How might it feel? The answer is that it must feel uncomfortable or strange. The sharpness is taken away from the claw and therefore the cat is not able to grip objects. It must be difficult if not impossible to scratch a scratching post which is an important part of cat behavior. This alone is enough to criticize the product.

Retracting claws

I am not sure, but I would have thought that this product restricts, at least somewhat, the retractability of a cat’s claws. You know that cat claws are retractable and extendable and this movement will be hindered by silicone cat claw caps. If so, it would feel uncomfortable.


Another negative aspect of this product is that you have to stick them on with glue. That’s going to be a tricky process and it’ll impossible for some cat owners because their cat will strongly dislike it.

You might be lucky; your cat may accept it because she’s a very docile cat and you’ll be pleased because your furniture is protected. Therefore there are some good elements to this product if you are positively unable to accept your cat’s claws (please try to accept them).

Scratching boards are better

However, it must better to buy half a dozen cardboard cat scratching boards (which you can do on Amazon at about five dollars each), place them around the house and accept your cat’s claws. These boards are excellent and I will guarantee that your cat will use them. They are supplied with catnip. All you have to do is learn how to avoid getting scratched which isn’t that difficult. As your cat will use the cat scratching boards your furniture will be protected. Surely this is a far better solution?

Dressing your cat

Another aspect of cat claw covers is that some people think they look cool on cats because they are brightly coloured. That’s a selling point but it’s a pretty weak argument, in my opinion, because dressing up a cat is not something you really want to get into particularly when you are sticking plastic sheaths on their claws with superglue.

One-off basis

Perhaps the best time to use his product is on a temporary or one-off basis. I remember many years ago visiting a famous cat breeder in Oklahoma. The breeder is A1 Savannahs. At the time the business was owned by Kathrin and Martin Stucki. I visited the farm and cat breeding facility, staying in a guest house. When I went to the main house where they lived there were Savannah kittens running around been socialised.

These were second filial Savannah cats. They were superb looking cats and very valuable. Kathrin had used claw caps on the kittens for my benefit. I’m sure she would never normally do this but because I was a guest and entering her home regularly during my stay she was worried that I might be scratched. I had signed a disclaimer form so she was legally protected but nonetheless she was concerned about my welfare.

There was no chance that I’d be scratched anyway because I’m very careful and sensible with domestic cats but it was very thoughtful of her. I’m sure that as soon as I departed, the claw caps were removed. On a temporary basis I think they have some value in protecting guests and short stayers.

1 thought on “How do you feel about silicone claw caps? How good are they?”

  1. I disagree rather strongly with anything that interferes with a cats ability to use their claws in a natural way. While indoor cats may on occasion need to have their claws trimmed I have NOT had to trim my cats for some time. This means providing a variety of surfaces for them to stretch and scratch naturally.
    Anyone who has raised a kitten knows there is a period of time in their physical development where hanging from the rafters is normal and in my opinion necessary.
    My very good DVM trimmed them as part of her service and the back also. When they came home both were unable to grasp with their little feeties and climb their own cat tree.
    Declawing does not keep cats out of the shelter or from being dumped outside. The mentality to do that was already there when they decided to butcher their cats feet.
    Hybrid cats should not exist so the need to cap their claws is a moot point.
    Nail clippers should be the guillotine type and replaced yearly. Regular inspection of your cats claws is important if you detect hooks or a cat is becoming caught.
    My cats on occasion pull a thread or leave a nick on something however I manage to spill a large mug of black coffee on my good run and my husband did not take me in to have my fingertips removed.


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