How many cats does Wengie have?

Wengie has two purebred cats. I had no idea who Wengie was until I did some research. Initially I couldn’t access her website because Firefox told me it was insecure but I overrode Firefox’s warning and accessed her website. Wengie describes herself as “my nationality is Australian, ethnicity is Chinese aka Chinese but grew up in Australia”. Her name is Wendy Ayche. She is a vlogger, video maker, singer and voice actor.

She has a boyfriend (fiancé) called Max and she has two purebred cats: Mikki and Mia

“Mikki is a Cute fluffy Ragdoll, and his pattern/colouring is called a seal bi-colour. Mia is a munchkin cat and her pattern is known as a ticked tabby in the color mink.”

Wengie is 31 years of age at the date of this post but in the photograph above her she looks like a teenager.

I’m going to guess and say that she has a certain amount of celebrity based on her thoughts about beauty, health, diet and style. Wengie has an Instagram account: @misswen. I’ll guess and say that she probably has quite a large number of followers. She also has Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Wengie is a petite lady. She finds it difficult to buy clothes that fit her in Australia. She prefers accessories to clothes and make up. She likes all kinds of food but mainly vegetarian and Asian food. She also likes Japanese food.

Wengie makes videos and uses a Canon 70D to create them. She vblogs about fashion and beauty because she loves “all things girly”.

In her spare time Wengie likes to sleep and other than that she likes to take photos and watch TV (Vampire Diaries and Dexter). She is a product of modern times. A time of celebrity and making money from it.

The photo of her is from her website. The cat photos are in the public domain in my opinion.

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